Competitive Dance Program

The Creative Company consists of dancers who love to perform and compete in a positive and fun environment.

These dancers will be trained to fully execute their talents as dancers and their dreams to become a part of the professional world of dance.

They will not only be required to take their mandatory classes but as well a minimum of 1 open class per month as an initiative to encourage constant learning of new, innovative choreography.   Competitive dance students may attend unlimited open classes as part of their tuition, to further train and improve their dance technique.

Our dancers learn professionalism and train to be a part of the entertainment industry. They learn key skills such as time management, teamwork and how to be positive in a competitive environment.  Regular class attendance is mandatory for competitive students, with a minimum 9 hours a week commitment for full time competitive students.  The mandatory core classes include ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. Tap and acro are optional.

Dancers interested in joining our competitive teams must first audition. Dancers are generally placed according to ability with some consideration for age.  Placement over multiple levels is also possible, when a student displays higher skill sets for a certain discipline. Competitive dance requires more comittment, with the opportunity to compete at several dance competitions each year.  Competitive students also have the opportunity to perform at the pre-season show and recital.

Dancers will be required to purchase costumes, appropriate footware, make up and accessories for their performances.  Competitive students are given a shoe and tight list for their enrolled classes.  The costumes are designed by our choreographers and custocompetitive dance studio burlington oakville hamilton ontariom made by our seamstress, except for hip hop costumes (using street clothes).  As part of our ‘dance for all’ initiative, we strive to keep the cost of costumes as economical as possible, generally under $150 each.

Students in our recreational program or open classes may be invited to audition.  If you are interest in auditioning, call our office to set up an appointment. Competitive dance season begins every September, with ‘boot camp’ beginning in August.


competitive dance program burlington ontarioCreative Edge Dance Studio is truly amazing!  The teachers CARE; Teach Team Spirit, Improve Confidence and definitly go over and above for the kids and families!!!!  When our son was encouraged to join the competitive team and we were unable to get him to the early practice; the teachers offered to pick him up at school so he would not miss the opportunity.  Another team member offered to help me with my workouts WHILE my child was in class dancing.  Wow…this studio truly works to make sure everyone feels welcomed and encourages everyone to be a part of ther dance family.  They put smiles on everyones face! 

~Tracey Medland ~

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