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Learn To Move With Style

This is a program designed and dedicated to hip hop and street dancers who want a competitive edge! These dancers are integrated with our Core Company and given technical training.


The Dancers

They are part-time competitive students who have not yet had the chance to train in a positive, competitive studio environment. This program helps these dancers learn all types of dance in a safe and positive atmosphere.


The Creative Edge Street Company requires commitment, but only on a part-time basis, with becoming a full-time competitive dancer as the goal. Dancers will take required classes in hip hop choreography, stretch & strength, hip hop technique, and breakdance or hip hop drop-in.

The Street Style dance company members are encouraged to take as many of the open/drop-in classes as they like in order to improve their dance skills. There is no additional charge for these add-on classes, making this program one of the best bargains for top-quality dance education.

Overall this program aims to stimulate those who enjoy hip hop but want to take the next steps to become a performer and be challenged in a positive environment.

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