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Come Dance With Us

Students and parents love our facility. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development and offer a warm and positive environment to foster the growth that all dancers want and need.


Our Studio Facility

Over 10,000 sq. ft. with lots of windows and natural lighting.

Four state-of-the-art dance studios called - Believe, Imagine, Dream, Passion, and our Practice Room Inspire.

Each studio is equipped with 8-foot full-length mirrors, custom lighting, and high ceilings.

Each studio has an impressive sound system and hard wood dance floors & new state-of-the-art sprung stage flooring.

One practice studio/stretching room with a sound system and full-length mirrors.

360° front administration desk by the studio entry for security and customer service.

Clean eating area with some kitchen facilities. Dancers are welcome and encouraged to bring their lunches and snacks for breaks. No junk food.

Homework table in a quiet area.

Play area for infants and children with toys and coloring books.

Additional waiting lounges and conversation areas for parents and students.

Separate designated change facilities and showers for boys and girls.


Focused On Dance

We have always believed in creating a community of people who love the power of movement as much as we do, and this is our main goal as a dedicated dance studio.

Photos & Videos

Why We Dance

"It has a huge energy attached to it and it just allows every student, every parent, employee to be themselves while sharing the same passion."

"Creative Edge is like a family with strong values, compassion, and just a wonderful place to be."

"It's made her strong. It's taught her perseverance, responsibility, and time management."

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