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Every Dancer Has A Dream

It may start with seeing their favorite performer strike a pose, backflip, then twirl and glide — effortlessly — across the stage. But we know that those performers have put in extraordinary amounts of effort. It takes more than talent and practice for a dancer to achieve their dream. It takes a lot of support from parents, family, friends, teachers and people in the community at large. We hope you will review our sponsorship packages and join us in our commitment to dancers who need our help. A small push in the right direction can help a Dancer on the Edge move toward a future that knows no boundaries.

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Goods/Services Package

The Dancing on the Edge Sponsorship program allows for more than just cash infusions by you and/or your company.  The need for products, services, and fundraising partnerships are as essential as monetary contributions and can be as mutually beneficial. We take the time to incorporate, promote and push your products and services across various mediums.


Benefits received are based on the value of products, services, and fundraising efforts. We always strive for a mutually beneficial relationship.

The “Dancing on the Edge” Sponsorship Packages

The Sponsorship Packages work on a progressive step-ladder approach where every additional package includes not only its feature but the features from packages preceding it (to be negotiated by both parties), barring that they are not redundant and affect the value of the current package.

Sponsorship packages range from $1 to $5000 and can be paid in a lump sum or equal installments over the year.  Ask us for a complete package and more information on how you and your company can sponsor a dancer and get great exposure at the same time.

Dance Sponsorship T-Shirts

Help a dancer find their voice by purchasing a “Dance Is Our Voice” T-shirt.


There are many young dancers in and around the community, who long for the chance to spread their arms and move their feet and dance, dance, dance. The music is playing, the beat is pounding, and sadly the doors are closed. The opportunity is there, but no real avenue to connect the dancer to the class.


Those same classes will become the vehicle to a new world where they can learn and appreciate the art of dance. Opening up a world of opportunities and a wealth of new ideas. Identifying the dancers that need help can sometimes be daunting in itself, and they can get lost in the shuffle.


Dancing On the Edge Sponsorship Program

In a world where underfunding of the arts always leaves dance programs at the mercy of the budget planners axe, these programs find themselves cut out of schools and communities altogether, leaving dancers fresh out of luck and out of a great experience.


What about the dancer who comes from a family that cannot afford to give them that opportunity? Should the dream just be fast-forwarded? Perhaps even skipped over? What about a child who is just a little too far away, where transportation is the barrier to the same dream?

The Dancing on the Edge Sponsorship program looks to bridge the gap, giving you many avenues to connect a dancer to a dream.

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